Flying Fishes

Topaz Ring

Bottega Paris design inspired by the flying fishes, playing with the ocean, the freedom and the courage of the flying fishes.
17.89 carat topaz, surrounded by four 18K sliver gold flying fishes, with 54 pieces of sapphires.
NT$268,000 // US$8,850
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R1330 ocean.jpg
R1330 -3.jpg

Dance with Ocean

Topaz Ring

Ring in 18K white gold with a Bottega Paris fancy cut topaz with 20 pieces of a circular cone topaz. Topaz, carat weight 14.00 ct.; diamonds, carat total weight 1.66 ct.
NT$235,000 // US$7,760
R1190web mix.jpg
R1190web mix.jpg

Frozen Topaz Earrings

Bottega Paris design inspired by the frozen moment of the ocean wave, keep the phenomenal forever.
Two fancy cut topaz, surrounded by 60 pieces of diamonds with 18K silver gold.      
NT$197,000 // US$6,520