Laurel Diamond Choker

Bottega Paris diamond choker, inspired by the ancient Greek goodness, the 18k white gold piece features over 326 individual diamonds.
Diamond Choker: NT$688,000 // US$ 22,720
The Bottega Paris diamond choker and earrings feature dramatic rows of diamonds that graduate in size, display a phenomenal design.
Diamond Earrings:
NT$258,000 // US$8,520 

Infinity Key

Diamond Necklace

Design inspired by the infinity sign “∞” it is the key to the universe, the key to the soul, the key to your heart.
Diamond Necklace: NT$387,000 // US$12,780
Bottega Paris diamond necklace and earrings took over 15 months to complete and feature the 18k white gold piece over 180 diamonds.
Diamond Earrings:
NT$238,000 // US$7,860

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